Who I Am

“It is my desire to utilize my design and marketing skills to build a life of meaning and value for myself and my community. Through my creativity, discipline, and constant desire to learn and challenge myself, I wish to give back to my community and inspire those around me.”

- Personal Vision Statement

Artist Bio

I graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts from Ithaca College in 2007. My concentrations included Printmaking, Graphic Design, and Web Design.

For the past 13 years, I have developed my design and marketing skills through the promotion and organization of various art events, exhibitions, and conventions in my community. Due to the success of these smaller events, I formed an event planning partnership, Page One Entertainment, and subsequently launched Twin Tiers Comic-Con in 2014. This new convention was designed as a two-day event celebrating comic books, art, and the type of pop culture elements that currently dominate the entertainment world.

Organizing these events has allowed me to expand and refine my skills in marketing, graphic design, web design, business management, and event logistics. Within this website, these skills will be highlighted as it pertains to my ability to create pieces for both a digital space as well as a printed format. It is the hope that this portfolio will properly illustrate growth, understanding, and utilization of design concepts and software knowledge for the benefit and success of a business and brand.

Selected Portfolios

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Graphic Design Portfolio - Primarily works created for digital consumption through the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other programs in the Creative Suite

Documents & Forms Portfolio - Primarily text documents created exclusively through Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Office. Typically these are printed documents, but may also function in a digital space.

Marketing Brochure

A PDF version of a marketing brochure I created to accompany my resume. The brochure highlights my skills in graphic design, web design, branding, marketing, media relations, public speaking, and more.

Click the cover page below to open a readable PDF version of the brochure. Compatible with desktop as well as mobile screens.

Marketing Brochure

Give them quality. That is the best kind of advertising.